...The competition hangover is REAL!! So proud of all our coaches and athletes this past weekend at Australasian Majors 😍

Check out these amazing results- 

Illusion- 1st place 
Turbulence- 1st place 
Glitz- 1st place 
Mini Matrix- 1st place 
Fury- 1st place  
Shooters- 1st place 
Bullets- 1st place 
Strikers- 1st place 
Black Ops- 1st 
G.I Janes- 1st place - 2nd overall Level 4 Grand Champions 🏆
Chaos- 1st place - 🎉2nd overall Hip Hop Grand Champions 🎉
Charm- 1st place 
Mystique- 1st place 
Vogue- 1st place  
Monarchs- 2nd place 
Recon- 2nd place 
X-crew- 2nd place 
Dare- 2nd place 
Snipers- 2nd place 
Lady X- 2nd place 
Poised- 2nd place 
Diversity- 2nd place 
Allure- 2nd place
Clarity- 2nd place
Delta Force- 2nd place 
Enchant- 3rd place 
Tiny Turbos- 3rd place
Bombshells- 3rd place 
Pulse- 3rd place 

7x Hawaii Bids 🌺
🏆 Novice Dance Grand Champions for Illusion Junior Pom 

Bring on Nationals in 4 weeks time!