Spring Carnival was a success!
An incredibly fun weekend with fantastic results... congratulations to all our coaches and athletes and a big thank you to all our FX families for the continual support!!

Shooters- 1st place 
Bullets- 1st place 
Charm- 1st place 
Delta Force- 1st place 
Monarchs- 1st place 
Chaos- 1st place 
Glitz- 1st place 
Snipers- 1st place 
Golden Guns- 2nd place 
Bombshells- 2nd place 
Vogue- 2nd place 
Allure- 2nd place 
Pulse- 2nd place 
Illusion- 2nd place 
Enchant- 2nd place 
Mystique - 2nd place 
Poised- 2nd place 
G.I Janes- 2nd place 
Recon- 2nd place 
Clarity - 3rd place 
Black Ops- 3rd place 
Diversity- 3rd place 
Mini Matrix- 3rd place 
Fury- 3rd place 
Turbulence- 3rd Place 
Young guns- 3rd place ( our first ever semi recreational team!!!!) 
X-Crew- Highly Commended 
Dare- Highly Commended 
Tiny Turbos- Highly Commended 
Havoc- Highly Commended 
Lady X- Highly Commended 

Level 1 Grand Champs & Pinnacle Bid (Coach Bianca’s first grand champion team at AASCF😍) 
#1 Top Tier level 1 gym
#3 Top Tier level 3 gym
#3 Top Tier level 4 gym 

One last massive thank you to the AASCF staff for making our weekend so memorable 🌼 

delta pinnacle