My Experience by Kaitlyn Bensley

Cheerleading was always something I was in awe of when I was younger and it was something I knew I wanted to try. So, when I finally found CheerFX I knew that I wanted to start as soon as possible. As a 10 year old in 2014, I started with nothing more than a cartwheel and handstand. But within days I had been put on a team that was exactly my level. I had learnt new skills, made so many new friends and was ready to make Cheerleading my passion. From days, to weeks, to months and now years and I will never regret a single second of any of it. I’ve learnt so many incredible skills, moved up 4 different levels, got to experience many different teams, go from a base to a flyer and back again, and developed a love for this amazing sport. 


So many people assume cheerleading is waving pom poms around and cheering on sports team, but competitive cheer is so much more than that. We work hard to learn creative routines full of stunting, jumps, tumble and dance that are meant to wow the judges while we perform on stage. Cheerleading is a world wide sport and is becoming more popular every year with multiple competitions involving teams and gyms from all over the globe. 


Trainings at CheerFX are hard work and are constant lessons of improving and learning. When you put your time and full effort into training you will always get something out of it. From the beginning of the year while you’re learning the new and unique choreography designed by coaches, to the very end while you’re training your heart out for nationals, you’re always guaranteed to be working hard each lesson and improving in every aspect. From tumble to, flight school, to dance, to cheer trainings; there is so much time and effort put in from everyone involved to create giant improvements over time. 


When it comes to competitions, they are full of energy and involve so much encouragement and nervous excitement. There’s something so special about being able to perform something you’re so proud of and worked hours on with all your best friends on stage, while also looking your best in full glam. In 2017 I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to compete at NCA, the biggest cheerleading competition in the world that is held in Dallas Texas. Myself and the rest of my team; Sub Zero, worked all of our Christmas holidays to perfect our routine which we then flew to America to compete, which ended up getting us second place. This was by far my most memorable and of my most life changing Cheerleading experiences and something I will never forget (along with all the crazy memories we made). 


Cheerleading has brought me some of my closest friends of all ages from all over, and even those who don’t cheer anymore will always still be close. Team work and trust is so important to have in cheer and after spending so much time with your team mates, friendship comes easy and so fast. My cheer friends are so close to me and definitely one of the most rewarding parts of cheerleading in general and over time you develop an unbreakable bond. After growing up with such a positive and encouraging atmosphere I’ve turned from a quiet little kid to a loud and encouraging team member who always needs to make herself known throughout training. While coaches are hard on you or your teams at times, they are always there for you and want to help you succeed through everything, all the time. 


Cheer brings you so many opportunities and feelings of accomplishment. From the winning of a competition, to being able to travel the world to comps, to finally getting that skill you’ve been working on, to achieving an award at the end of the year or cor just being able to keep fit all year long. The opportunities are seriously endless and it brings you so much happiness and person gain. 


After 5 years at CheerFX I’ve made so many life long friendships, traveled across the world, been handed so many opportunities and become who I am today and a better person in general. It is my home away from home and a place I can go that I know I will always be loved and accepted. It has impacted my life forever and I am forever thankful for my coaches, friends and on going support while cheering. My love for this sport will continue to grow over many more years. If you’ve ever wanted to try cheerleading, definitely give it a shot. It is so worth it and something you can absolutely fall in love with. 


With love, Bensley xx