Tumbling is a form of acrobatic movements such as rolls, twists, handsprings, or somersaults on floor mats.


Tumble classes focus on floor skills, athletes will learn a combination of skills linked together to show speed, power and precision. While also learning basic shapes and improving strength coordination, and flexibility.

All Cheer FX Cheerleaders participate in a compulsory tumble class each week.



We offer tumbling classes to public for children that wish to learn how to tumble. As well as gymnasts, dancers or cheerleaders from other clubs/studios/gyms.


Athletes are placed classes based on the level that best matches their ability:

Level 1
Learn: Rolls, handstands, bridges, walkovers, cartwheels and roundoffs

Experience Required: None

Level 2
Learn: Backhandspring and Roundoff backhandspring

Experience Required: Athlete should be confident with a front and back walkover and a roundoff

Level 3
Learn: Backhandspring series, Front tuck, Side aerial, Roundoff backhandspring back tuck

Experience Required: Athlete should be able to perform a backhandspring and roundoff back handspring

Level 4
Learn: Standing tuck, Backhandspring tuck, Roundoff backhandspring layout

Experience Required: Athlete should be confident with skill listed in level 3 above

Level 5
Learn: Jumps to back, Two to full, Roundoff backhandspring full, standing full, one to full, roundoff backhanspring double full, arabians and more!

Experience Required: Athletes should be confident with all level 4 skills above.

Classes are an hour & $15 per class. The class is limited to 7 athletes.

How do I join: Click the Free Trial Class and sign up for your free trial.

Wear: Close fitting athletic attire, hair tied up, no jewellery.

Bring: Water Bottle

Costs: $15 per lesson, Sign up for the term. Payment can be made up front or via direct debit.